finally free from your hair roots!

A few seconds and a single spray will help you conceal, in the comfort of your home, any visible unsightly roots – whether they are white, gray or your natural hair color.
Effortlessly, risk-free and with complete discretion, you will camouflage, mask, color and eliminate your visible roots and postpone your next hair color by at least one, if not several weeks.

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A simple, precise and quick do-it-yourself routine you can use at home … or anywhere else. A few sprays are enough to conceal, hide, cover and finally eliminate those horrible roots, even white roots.
You will regain your freedom and your self-confidence!




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Why must hair color applications be spaced out?

Whether done by your at home or at the salon, hair color treatments, highlights and balayage – as gentle as they may be –, will damage your hair and scalp. It is therefore necessary to wait 5 to 8 weeks between two hair colors to preserve beautifully textured hair and a well-balanced, healthy scalp.

How often should I use Bye Bye Racines?

The Bye Bye Racines formula is very fine. When instructions for use are followed (spray 20 cm from hair), it becomes imperceptible while ensuring flawless coverage of roots. Application is easy and care-free: every time you see your roots reappear, you can use Bye Bye Racines by yourself and in the comfort of your home. The obtained results are natural and temporary. Given that the product is easily eliminated with a light shampoo, there is no risk of overload. In addition, the gentle formula of Bye Bye Racines does not cause aggression in hair or the scalp. You can use it as much as you want, as often as you wish and with complete confidence.

How long before roots will appear after hair is colored?

Hair grows an average 1 cm per month; roots will be visible as soon as regrowth takes place. The bigger the difference between natural hair color and the rest of hair, the more noticeable the roots. As a result, white roots with dark colored hair will be noticeable within two weeks. This also depends on the hair style: the demarcation line between roots and hair is more visible at the parting or when hair is pulled back by contrast to less defined hair styles.

How is Bye Bye Racines innovative?

While there are many coloring products, they color all hair, with varied degrees of intensity. The latest products having emerged on the market are dry coloring shampoos and coloring powders. Bye Bye Racines is a pioneer and the first to precisely target the roots and ensure their flawless coverage, even in case of white or gray regrowth, which is the most difficult to conceal while preserving the original color and texture of the remaining hair.

What are the advantages of "aerospray" diffusion?

The aerospray is a micro-diffusion technique that transforms the coloring product into an extremely fine, lightweight mist. This helps subtly distribute the coloring film over hair without causing stickiness or cardboard-like stiffness but ensuring impeccable coverage of even white or gray roots.

Can you see or smell the product after application?

The delicate balance of the formula, the aerosol diffusion method and the specific diffuser design guarantee impeccable, meaning natural and barely there, cosmetic results. The colored mist melts into hair without competing against its natural color, creating no mask effect, demarcation lines or root effect. And after the one minute drying time, the coloring film is imperceptible even to the touch. It cannot be felt and leaves no stains on fingers or linen (hat, hair band, bed sheets, etc.)

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